Kawaipunahele - music and lyrics by Keali'i Reichel

"Nou e Kawaipunahele ~ Ku`u lei aloha mae `ole"

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We continue to support the effort of thousands of men and women globally relative to the need to focus attention and energy on many problems surrounding the survival of the Honu, or Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.  Please do us all the honor of CLICKING on the above link and see the work that is being done.  It only takes a minute, but could save the life of one of God's most amazing creatures!  Please come back soon ~ more changes coming...

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About life...

Finally, after 5+ years living in the beautiful desert of Arizona, we have relocated back to our island home of Hawaii!  It was mid-1998 when the reality of Hawaii's difficult economy forced me to head for the mainland to seek new opportunities.  All along I felt it would be a temporary change and we would return to the islands in a short time.  I did not realize how difficult a task it would be to get back.  Living in Hawaii is not easy, but it is well worth the effort.  Trust me, there's just no place like it on Earth... 

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The Beauty of Kalalau ~ Kauai

Hanalei Bay Resort
Hanalei Bay Resort ~ Kauai

Hanalei Bay ~ Kauai 

Much Aloha!  (Mom, Janet, Maddie, Mama & Tylor) 

Speaking of BEAUTY, here are three real beauties!   My lovely wife Janet (left) and our two daughters - Maddie (left) and Kristie (right). 

and Maddie (left), Janet (center) and Kristie (right). 

Brunch.jpg (48663 bytes)

Thanksgiving Brunch ~ November 2000


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My brother Brian is an accomplished dentist (OUCH!) with a successful practice here in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He also has a passion for the art of photography - and has become an amazing artist doing large format stills.  For a glimpse of a few of his creations, CLICK HERE!


  Take care all and God bless.   Yours in happiness!

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