December 25, 1999

Our Wedding Day


        As we begin our life together, we thought we would share some photos from our special day.   This was certainly the most wonderful and unconventional Christmas of my life!

Please CLICK on any of these photos to see the enlarged version...

00t.jpg (10500 bytes)

Here is the end result!  Now let's take a walk through the moments that lead up to this special photograph.....

14t.jpg (6387 bytes)

15t.jpg (6015 bytes)

16t.jpg (4999 bytes)

17t.jpg (4890 bytes)

18t.jpg (4516 bytes)


01t.jpg (5208 bytes)


02t.jpg (5563 bytes)

03t.jpg (5669 bytes)

04t.jpg (5640 bytes)

05t.jpg (4612 bytes)

06t.jpg (4877 bytes)

07t.jpg (6074 bytes)

08t.jpg (5700 bytes)

09t.jpg (5707 bytes)


10t.jpg (6192 bytes)

19t.jpg (7679 bytes)    20t.jpg (7644 bytes)

Just the Beginning.....

Aloha Nui Loa!


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